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Terms & Conditions

for provision of single payment services
via payment system www.paypoint.com.np

1. Notions

1.1 Payment system www.paypoint.com.np - web page (computer program), used by the Agent for Customer identification, making online payments for the benefit of Operators and their record keeping.
1.2 Customer - an individual who has payment obligations towards the Operator for services which had been rendered or will be rendered to him by the Operator.
1.3 User - natural person who, on behalf of Customer, performs a single payment for the benefit of Operator via payment system www.paypoint.com.np.
1.4 Customer ID - alphanumeric value (identification code) which allows the Operator to identify the Customer and the paid account payable.
1.5 Operator - service provider legal person who provides services to Customers and has signed a payment service contract with the Agent.
1.6 Agent - company "Paypoint Nepal Pvt. Ltd." which provides services of collecting payments from Users for the benefit of Operator.

2. General Provisions

2.1 The User performs payment on behalf of Customer via payment system www.paypoint.com.np for the service rendered by Operator using the Customer ID from Operator system. For its part, the Agent collects User payment and transfers its amount to the Operator and therefore is being paid for its services.
2.2 These Rules represent a provision contract for Users of single payment services. The User who is performing single payments via payment System www.paypoint.com.np confirms that he/she took note and agrees with the provisions of these Rules and corresponds with the signing by User of provision for single payment services.
2.3 The utilization of payment System services www.paypoint.com.np does not require registration, through direct payment for services of Operators.
2.4 The User who agrees with provisions of these Rules has the possibility to issue payment orders for services of Operators in accordance with provisions of these Rules.
2.5 Payment System www.paypoint.com.np instantly performs payment orders of Users. The maximum execution time is 24 hours from the moment they are received.
2.6 All payment transactions within the payment System www.paypoint.com.np are performed in Nepalese rupee (NPR). In case if the User decides to use means of payment in other currency, then such currency shall be automatically converted in Nepalese rupee according to the exchange rate of the Agent established on the day of payment.
2.7 The maximum amount of a single payment that can be performed by User via payment System www.paypoint.com.np shall not exceed 500 (five hundred) NPR / per transaction. The total amount of single payments that can be performed by one User via payment System www.paypoint.com.np during one calendar month is set to 5000 (five thousand) NPR.

3. Order of Payment

3.1 In order to perform a single payment via payment System www.paypoint.com.np the User must go through the following steps:
- will select from the presented list the Operator in whose benefit he/she will perform the payment;
- will indicate the Customer ID for the payment concerned;
- will indicate the payment amount;
- will confirm that he/she took note of these Rules;
- will select means of payment (credit card) and will introduce details that are required for using the
selected means of payment;
- will verify the accuracy of his/her payment order details, including the conditions for performing the
current payment and will authorize it
3.2 The payment order contains the following information: the name of Operator which benefits from payment, Customer ID, payment amount in the currency of means of payment for the benefit of Operator, payment amount in lei after currency conversion for the benefit of Operator, the amount of applied fee (when applied), total payment amount which includes the applied fee and the date when payment order was issued.
3.3 After the User has introduced the single payment data and has confirmed and authorized payment, it will not be possible to make changes, cancel or receive return of funds related to this payment. The cases where the Operator would refuse to process in its system the payment transaction with dates indicated by User will be an exception.
3.4 The payment value in favor of Operator and the final amount value which will be registered in its system as payment depend on payment terms established by Operator.
3.5 After each single payment performed, the payment System www.paypoint.com.np will present to User the receipt in electronic form which will contain information related to the current payment. The User may then decide to print it or to receive it as an e-mail message to the address he/she will indicate.
3.6 In cases where technical failure occurred and the payment was performed by User but the Operator did not receive information regarding that payment, the Agent will send again data received from User in the shortest time possible after removing failure.

4. Obligations of Parties

4.1 Obligations of User:
- To ensure preservation and confidentiality of information used to perform single payments via payment system www.paypoint.com.np;
- To strictly obey procedures for issuing his/her payment orders and performing payments stipulated in these Rules;
- To comply with the legislation in force of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
4.2 Agent Obligations:
- To transmit to Operator the amount of payment collected from User;
- To inform the Operator as agreed about the payment performed by User on behalf of Customer;
- To comply with legislation in force of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal;

5. Responsibility of Parties

5.1 Parties bear responsibility for violation of these Rules and legislative acts in accordance with provisions of legislation in force of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
5.2 Agent is released from liability towards the User and Customer in the following cases:
- Occurrence of force majeure circumstances in his address, including modification of legislative acts or adoption by public authorities of bans referring to this type of services;
- Submission of incomplete and erroneous information by User during the issuing of order payment;
- Violation by the User of provisions of these Rules and/or of rules governing provisions of such services.
5.3 User or Customer damage related to User erroneous actions or providing false information are borne by the User and Customer. Also, indicating false or erroneous data which caused damage to Operator and/or the Agent forces User to recover the damages concerned.
5.4 In cases where Operator cannot register the amount of payment or cannot identify the Customer in the system, the amount paid by User will be fully returned by Operator.
5.5 In case if the User wrongly indicated the Customer ID and the amount of single payment concerned was erroneously registered in the Operator system, the Agent is released from the obligation of returning the amount concerned and the User or Customer must directly address the Operator. The obligation of Agent is to transmit to the Operator the information regarding single payments performed and amounts collected from User for its benefit. The Operator performs the registering operation of single payments in its system and the given amounts can be returned to User only by the Operator.

6. Confidentiality

6.1 Agent will keep confidentiality of information (including personal data) which was introduced by User at the time of performing single payments via payment System www.paypoint.com.np, in accordance with provisions of these Rules and rules of legislation in force of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
6.2 Information introduced by User during single payments via payment System www.paypoint.com.np will be used in the following way:
- e-mail to send Users the electronic receipts for single payments performed and notifications related to operation of the payment System www.paypoint.com.np, as well as with reference to other services provided by the Agent;
- Telephone number to provide additional opportunities concerning operation of the payment System www.paypoint.com.np;
- Numbers of accounts payable/invoices and registration accounts in other systems (Customer ID) for identifying the services and for payment processing of Users for the benefit of Operators;
- Other information under agreements with Operators, being necessary for providing services for single payments towards Users via payment System www.paypoint.com.np.
6.3 Accepting these Rules the User grants his/her consent for the use of his/her personal data in order to receive information on the operation of payment System www.paypoint.com.np and on other services of the Agent, and confirms that he/she knows his/her rights regarding personal data.
6.4 Agent is entitled to provide the information received from User or Customer in the following cases:
- Customer or User has granted permission;
- The given information is required by Operator and is directly related to provision of single payment services in the utilization of payment System www.paypoint.com.np by User or Customer;
- If requested by public authorities, in accordance with provisions of legislation in force of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

7. Final Provisions

7.1 These Rules apply to User and Customer from the moment of performing single payment via payment System www.paypoint.com.np and acts until mutual obligations set out therein are executed.
7.2 Relations between parties not foreseen by these Rules are governed by rules, applicable to this type of legal relations, laid down by legislation in force of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
7.3 Agent shall retain the right to modify these Rules and the charges applied at performing single payments at its own discretion. All modifications made will be published on www.paypoint.com.np web page.